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Indian festivals Makar Sankranthi

Makar Sankranthi
Makara sankarnthi which is celebrated in the southern parts of India. As compared to other Indian festivals sankarthi always falls on 14th of January without fail. This is the only festival which is based on the movement of the sun.

This festival called Makara sankarthi that means sun which moves to the zodiac sign called capricon during this month .
As hindus believe that one who dies during this period may not get re-birth and attains Moksha. Sankranthi celebrates in 3 days span. First day Bhogi, next day Sankranthi and penumkative day is Kanuma.
Bhogi starts with gathering of all community together in the early morning where they lit the fire to protect from chill weather.
The basic purpose of this fire is to clear all junk and waste materials.

The main attaraction of sankranthi is drawing with colors .Women especially girls wake up early morninig and draw Rangoli and fill it with colors

During Sankranthi festival a person called “Haridas” comes for alarms and sings the devotional songs. The bullock dressed with varietis of dress material named as “Gangi Reddu” is also seen im

many parts of South India during sankranthi.
Pongal a delicious eating food made of rice and jaggary is important fooding during the festival. Sankranthi can be called as Pongal festival too.
Sankranthi day all the family members take morning bath and offer prayers to sun god. Since sankranthi is the festival of crop farming community prays the god to give good returns to their products. Many crops like Rice,Bajra, Jaggary and just arrive to thier houses.

Boys celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. Kite flying is a common activity and children enjoy by intersecting other boys kites with aim to show superioty over kite flying techniques.
The penumulative day called “Kanmuma” farmers clean their doemstic animals like cows,oxen and other animals which supports for their agriculture production. They decorate them with colours and tie ribbons to thier horns.

Like in mixico where bullock race is know to every body in south India “Jelly Kattu” is similar to that where men wants to take control of running bullocks which vigour and dangerous.
Sankranthi is the festival of Agriculture community.

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