Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vacation to Hyderabad

Main tourist places in Hyderabad
Hyderabad. It is place where Muslims and Hindus live together peacefully. If you are going to Hyderabad the must see place is “Charminar”. This is the main landmark of Hyderabad. In 1591, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built the Islamic architectural splendor monument.
This wonderful monument has its four arches facing the royal streets. You can buy glass bangles here. Mecca Masjid is close Charminar. This is large mosque which can accommodate nearly 10,000 people.
Another Tourist important place is Hussain Sagar the beautiful lake in the heart of the City. The Husasain Sagar lake is a superb place for holiday makers. It connects the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad .
Now it is popularly known as “Tank Bund”. This place is crowded with young couples and families. You can buy many eatables here. In Winter they sell roasted maize corns. In Summer you can enjoy sugarcane juice and ice creams.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani is a popular dish and relished all across India. Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most sought after variants of the popular biryani. The name is a giveaway, Hyderabadi Biryani has its origins from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vacation plan to Goa in December & January

Christmas and New year 2010

Hotels and restaurants to the beautiful beaches of Goa, Goa Trips provides you with the information you need when planning your vacation to Goa.

Goa Benaulim beach is a very quiet beach, a beach to be when you just want to relax, relax and relax the day off soaking in the sun.

Benaulim starts where Colva beach ends, and the best thing is that it's still undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a famous beach for fishing, offering the pleasure and satisfaction of being in goa.

Inn's nearby offer you snacks and drinks as and when preferred and you don't even have to bother about getting up from your comfort zone for such things because there are assistants roaming about through whom you can place the orders and the food or drink is brought to you where you are seated.

So at Goa Benaulim beach, all you do is sit and relax. Benaulim beach gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends. Local visitors often frequent this Benaulim beach.

Apart from the lovely beach, the Church of St John the Baptist which is situated on a hill beyond the village is worth a visit.

Colva Beach, Goa
One among the best known tourist attractions, Colva Beach is located in South Goa, 6 kilometers west of Margao, and 39 kilometers from Panjim.

Colva Beach stretches to 25 kilometers, lined by coconut palms facing the serene Arabian Sea, know as the largest among the beaches of south Goa.

The south Goa beaches like Benaulim, Majorda, Betalbatim, Betul, Canaguinim, Agonda, Palolem, Rajbhag, Polemcan be visited.

The Benaulim beach, about 2 kilometers away, is quieter than Colva.

Religious places are also among the notable tourist spots near Colva beach Shree Damodar Temple, Chandranath Temple, Shree Navdurga Temple, Shantadurga Temple, Jama Masjid at Sanguem, the Cabo de Rama and the Buddhist caves at Rivona.

You can get regular bus services from Margao and Vasco da Gama to reach Colva. The nearest railway stations are located at Margao.

Paloem Beach is very famous for its Beach Hut accommodation. This crescent shaped beach is considered one of the most beautiful southern beaches of Goa.

Palolem Beach is popular among the youth of Goa since it is best suited for overnight beach picnics. Palolem Beach stretches between two magnificent headlands and the beach is lined with towering coconut palms.

Every season bamboo-hut resorts and restaurants are erected along the beach allowing tourists to stay right on the sand, only a few meters away from a swim in the Arabian Sea.

Agonda and Chaudi are major nearby attractions. There is a fresh water stream at the northern end of the beach. Across this stream is a tiny wooded island which looks inviting and makes for interesting explorations.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday tour

Holiday vacation Hyderabad Nehru Zoological Park 2008

Nehru Zoological Park features over 3,000 animals as well as a nocturnal zoo, a Dinosaur park, a natural history museum, parks, a mini-train and animal rides. Nehru Zoo is perfect for a family outing and offers picnic facilities.

The animals at Nehru Zoological Park are kept in large open enclosures that resemble their natural habitat as closely as possible.

The zoo has also successfully bred notable exotic and indigenous animals, and birds, such as the Indian rhino, Asiatic lion, tiger, panther, giraffe and gaur, and numerous deer and antelopes.

Many of these animals have been distributed to various sanctuaries to restore the depleted animals.
The Bear, are represented by a group of Sloth-bears, Himalayan black bear in large moated enclosures.Weekend pick nick to Zoo park

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday vacation to Goa Kerala for New year2010

If you are planning to get all that Nature has to offer except snow-capped mountains, you could fulfill your desire on Goa and Kerala along the western coast of India.

Goa, a small emerald land, and Kerala, another small verdant state, have beaches. But it would be a perfect holiday to lap up the sun and sand of Goa, and hop onto Kerala to enjoy the mountain stations and backwaters. This way you get best of both the worlds.Location of Goa

Goa is located on the West Coast of India. The Terekhol River separates Goa from the Indian state of Maharashtra in the north. The state of Karnataka lies to the south and the hills of the Western Ghats surround Goa on the East. To the west of Goa lies the Arabian Sea.

Goa is located between the latitudes 15°48'00" North to 14°53'54" North and longitudes 74° 20'13" East to 73° 40'33" East.
Climate of Goa

Goa has a moderate temperature showing negligible variations in different seasons. May is the hottest month while January and February are the coldest.

There is a prevalence of tropical weather rest of the year. Southwest Monsoon brings rain in Goa between June and September. July is the month that receives maximum rainfall while February gets least amount of rain.
How to Reach Goa by Air:

Dabolim is the main entry point for Goa situated at a distance of around 29 km from Panaji on the coast near Vasco da Gama.

Most domestic airlines operate in Goa apart from chartered private airlines operating from UK and Germany. Indian Airlines has direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai daily. Air India also flies to Goa.
How to Reach Goa by Rail:
It is not difficult to reach Goa by trains, especially after opening of the Konakan Indian Railway that connects Margao and Vasco da Gama to major cities in India.

You can take trains from Delhi 1,874 km), Mumbai (490km), and Bangalore (430 km) to reach Goa comfortably.

From the railway stations, you can hire taxis and motorcycle taxis to reach the desired destinations.
How to Reach Goa by Road:

Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka state transport corporations operate from the Kadamba bus stand at Panaji. Frank Shipping operates a boat service between Mumbai and Panaji.

Goa carnival is one of the most enthusiastic celebrations of western style in India. A hot favorite among revellers all around the world, the Goan carnival is known for its riotous merrymaking.

You will be entertained thoroughly with beautifully decorated floats, live music and dancing of many ethnic origins. Specialty of this carnival is the rich blend of cultures and religions that is seldom witnessed anywhere else.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Christmas celebration New year

Goa travel package

Goa’s beaches are very clean and enjoyable. Hotels and Resorts in Goa are reasonable and hygiene. In Goa tour operators who help the tourist to a friendly manner.

Tourists are safe and secure in Goa. Enjoying at beach namely calangute where every tourist visits to have glimpses of Goa tour.

There are many churches like se. Cathedral and St.Francies Xavier church.

Goa is well connecting with Air as well as by road from all parts of India. Tourist can’t miss the opportunity to visit Goa market which caters need of the tourists.

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December Christmas celebration and new year2010 happy new year