Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lotus Temple Delhi India

The Lotus Temple is the Bahai temple in Delhi, India. It is called the Lotus temple because of its lotus-like shape. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Delhi.

Located in Kalkaji in South Delhi area of the city, Lotus temple is an architectural gem for its splendid design inspired by the eternal beauty of a lotus flower which is a symbol of peace, purity, love, and immortality in Indian culture.

It has received recognition from all over making it one of the most visited tourist’s attractions in India.

It has no idols or statues for worship, but called a temple because of its serene environment for meditation, peace and wisdom. People of all backgrounds are welcomed here.

This marvelous structure is spread across 26 acres of land. It is carved out of 27 free falling marble clad petals arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides making it look like a real lotus.

The temple surrounds itself with aquatic blue transparent water bodies and lush green gardens on all sides making it look like a lotus floating in water.

Baha'i Temple in Delhi is often compared to the Sydney Opera House. Located 12km southeast of Connaught Place, has emerged as a top attraction for the tourists.

Popularly known as the Lotus Temple, Baha'i Temple is a major feature of Delhi and is well known for its appearance. There is no doubt that in years to come the temple will prove to be a mecca for the visitors.

Baha'ism is considered to be a syncretism of the nine great religions of the world and traces its genesis to its prophet Baha'u'llah, born in Persia in the twentieth century.

The sight is picturesque especially during the evenings when the entire place is beautifully lit up spreading a mystical and heavenly feeling in its atmosphere.

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