Saturday, January 24, 2009

India tourism places.

1.Goa 2.Kochi 3.Pune4. Chennai5 .Bangalore 6.Noida 7 .Delhi 8.Kolkata
9.Coimbatore10. Nagpur 11.Madurai12. Mangalore 13.Mysore 14.Trivendrum
15 .Chandigarh16. Bhopal17. Lucknow18. Kanpur 19.Trichi 20.Thrissur
21. Hubli 22.Dharwad 23.Sholpaur24.Bijapur
25. Vizag 26.Vijayawada27. Visakhapatnam28 Kakinada
29.Rajahmundry30.Nellore 31.Tirupati32. Andaman33. Dadra Nagar
34.Haveli35. Daman 36. Lakshadweep37. Pondycherry 38.Kanyakumari 39Kodaikanal
40Ooty41. Munnar42. Ninital 43.Simla 44. Darjeeling45. Dehradun46. Faridabad
47.Ghaziabad 48Goregaon NCR50. Ahmedabad51 Ernakulam52 Karwar 54.Kerala55. Goa.

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