Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Honey moon spot in Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley is located just 115 kilometers from Vishakhapatnam District and the natural landscape is charming and exquisite.
It is located just 26 kilometers from the sea level. The thick forest that envelops the Araku Valley offers extensive trekking tours and also some of the thrilling exploration into the caves present there.
Anantagiri Hills offers a scintillating view of sunrise and sunset. This Hill station of Andhra Pradesh is replete with numerous medicinal trees that offer relief from deadly diseases. Herein lies the value of the Anantagiri Hills.
The Musi River flows through this region and the coffee plantations at Andhra Pradesh offers another exquisite sight. The marvelous waterfalls, offer some of the unforgettable memories to the visitors.


Rajesh said...

Seems like it's a good place.
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Anonymous said...

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