Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goa beachs Dona paula Sun bathing beach

There are many beaches in tour to Goa which have both the beauties of sea and mountain. Dona Paula is one of them.

It is a serene beach and tourists love to spend a quiet holiday in Dona Paula. There is a romantic myth regarding this place.

This place is named after Dona Paula de Menzes. It is believed Dona Paula Menzes committed suicide by jumping from the

She was refused to marry a poor fisher man Gasper Dias.
The legend says that she emerged from her grave in the moonlit nights wearing a pearl necklace.
Except this myth there are various other reasons for the attraction of Dona Paula.

The offers wide scope for water sports. There are various shops which sales local items made by the fishermen. Special Goan drinks like Feni and port wine can be easily available in Dona Paula.

In Indian Art Emporium Dona Paula one can find Indian handicrafts and jewelry. Sun bathing on the beach is a popular recreation of the tourists.

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