Friday, October 10, 2008

One of the best place manali

Manali is named after the Sage Manu, who has meditated on this very place. According to Hindu mythology, Manu is believed to be first man on earth and creator of human race. The Manu Temple is dedicated to the sage and is the only temple of Manu in India. Arjuna Gufa is located on the left bank of river Beas near Pirni village.
It is believed to be a place where Arjuna performed a severe abstraction to get the Pashupata weapon from Lord Indra.
The four storey wooden temple of Hidimba was built in 1553 AD. Located amidst the Dhungiri Van Vihar, the temple is remarkable for its carved doorway. At Jagatsukh is the famous temple of Shiva 5 km from Manali.
Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Sandhya Gayatri, the temple is built in Sikhara style. You will come across several gompas or Buddhist Monasteries in Manali. 16 km from Manali is the Rahala Waterfalls at an altitude of 2,501 m. Vashisht is a small hamlet 3 km from Manali across River Beas.
There are several natural sulphar water springs known for their medicinal properties. Modern bathhouses with Turkish showers are constructed at the site for the convenience of the tourists. There are temples of Sage Vashisht and Lord Rama at this place

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