Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holiday vacation plan to kerala

Kerala villages
In the villages of Kerala you can enjoy true Indian hospitality, where the guest is god. The colours of the turbans and the saris of the women are in stark contrast to the often parched backdrop of the landscape. You will be amazed by the elegant way these village women carry a myriad of pots on their heads and their incredible dresses.
The women cover the outside of their houses with mud and then paint them with intricate designs, using only their hands and a paste made of lime. Accommodation is even so, comfortable for the traveller. Travel package
Many houses previously owned by the local gentry, are now being run as small hotels. Even though modern amenities are provided, they have lost nothing of their originality and charm. This area is dotted with villages, filled with beautifully painted huts, all easily visited within a day or two.

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