Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Travel package- Goa panaji

Panaji is Goa's State Capital City and where needless to say all the "governing" takes place - the city easily has the best shops in the area - catering for whether you want well made brand goods or the cheaper copies - and there are needless to say extensive markets where you can buy fish, fruit and general goods.
The city is located on the south bank of the Mandovi River and one of the interesting things (well for me anyway) was watching the heavy but rusty ore carriers doing the trips up and down the river to meet up with and unload into heavier cargo ships anchored out in Aguada Bay.

Panaji: Being the capital city of Goa, one expects it to have a bit of dispirited space to it. However this small but charming city on the left bank of silvery Mandovi River, with beautiful red-roofed houses, built in Latin style juxtaposed with many modern houses… has a rather enchanting feel to it instead! Panaji is Goa's third largest city after Vasco and Margao.

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