Saturday, August 9, 2008


Kodaikanal is a awsome, a charming hill station, dating from the time the British ruled and needed an alternative for the hot lowlands. It can be reached easily by bus from Madurai. It is a nice change of scenery and the perfect spot to relax, do some hiking or row a boat on the lake. There are some good points from which you can have splendid views of the surroundings (that is, when the clouds don’t take away the view). It can get quite foggy but normally it does not get really cold, so you don’t have to carry a round winter coats.

In order to reach Kodaikanal, you have to take the bus. As you might gather, the road to the top is a small and winding one that does offer astonishing views but at the same time makes you believe that this will be your final destination as well.

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