Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goa Panaji

Hotel Nova Goa - Panaji

Hotel Nova GoaHotel Nova Goa of Goa's capital Panjim is in the pulsating heart of the vacationers paradise. The hotel has 85 centrally air-conditioned rooms. Hotel Nova Goa boasts of a professional food and beverage department and hospitality team. The Hotel also has three conference halls with modern audio and video facilities and allied services. Hotel Nova is known for the traditional Goan hospitality that it offers. Hotel is very famous among the regular visitors & business executives to Goa. The rooms in the hotel have been fitted with best of amenities and also offer a wonderful relaxing stay.
Food and Drink in Goa. Even the smallest restaurants generally offer an extensive menu - the variety of fish, prawns, currys made with all manner of spices - hot, mild whatever you want - all you do is ask and they are so willing to give you what you want. There are also of course loads of vegetarian dishes on offer - wide use of peppers, lots of different vegetables - the main problem is picking out what you want this time and what you will have next time instead etc. Also the variety of rice mixes are brilliant and finally the stone cooked rotis and nanns from plain to prawn mixes to chicken and so on. Typically a starter cost 90 rps, average main course dish around 100 rps, various rice dishes around 80 rps and nanns/rotis about 30 rps - so for a couple of UK Pounds you get a lot of food. The beer on offer was local Kingfisher and Fosters at around 50 rps a bottle and whisky/vodka/gin around 80rps depending on make.

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