Saturday, August 2, 2008


There is a different Kerala along these backwaters, throbbing with its own unique culture. For you as a visitor to Kerala, it can be an incredibly different experience just floating on these waters in a country craft and absorbing this unusual representation of Kerala's life. You might begin at Alappuzha, which is hailed as the Venice of the East, because of its intricate maze of backwaters, canals and bridges. When the visitor leaves Alappuzha on a boat voyage through Kuttanad, he will find himself travelling along canals where the level of water is often higher than that of the green fields on either side. You could journey right up to Cochin via the backwaters. Many beautiful sights greet you along the way, such as the Chinese fishing nets, said to have been introduced into Kerala by the traders from Kublai Khan's court. A beautiful backwater spot accessible from Alappuzha is Kumarakom. Breathtaking green, the village slumbers by the Vembanad Lake. On-cruise scenery flashes up vivid contrasts of lush greens and deep blues. As the boat glides along the gorgeous green of the fringed palms the ripples in the blue water blend into little wavelets.

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