Saturday, August 28, 2010

Holiday vacation Goa

In order to help you in planning your trip to Goa in the best possible way, we have provided a list of the major holidays in Goa

The people of Goa celebrate a number of festivals that are a part of the Goan culture. The Goa government declares public holidays on the eve of major festivals so that people can revel in the festivities.

Holidays in Goa also represent the numerous festivals that are celebrated in the state with much fervor and gaiety. Then, there are the amazing carnivals of Goa, which lend the state its unique identity. Goa is quite distinctive among India’s west coast tourist spots.

A former Portuguese colony separated from British ruled India by a mountain range, Goa has become well established as a unique and exciting holiday destination.

The bustling markets are a lively distraction from lazing on the Goa beaches, and the area boasts some nice colonial architecture and ancient temples.

The cuisine you will experience on holidays to Goa is among the best in India with some especially tasty seafood and unusually, a variety of pork dishes.

Goa resorts are a the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating and tension free holiday. You can visit this lovely place anytime of the year, though you may want to avoid the monsoons.

It rains quite heavily over here thus making transportation a bit cumbersome. Else, the best time of the year that can be called the peak season for goa travel is from October to March.

The place is blessed with maritime climate which makes almost the entire year the ideal time to spend you vacations at Goa Beach Resorts. Goa is a destination for those who love sunshine and beautiful beaches. Celebrating your vacations at Goa resorts is a great experience that lasts for a life time, enjoying the magnificent scenery, filled with historical monuments, attractive tourist spots, and beautiful beach locations.

A Goa Beach Resort is the perfect place for you to spend your holidays, because of the comfort and luxury offered at Goa beaches.

Lot of visitors opt to avail of beachfront accommodations because of the attractive opportunities that they can get. Beachfront accommodation provides a great view of the seas, and an easy access to different water activities.

Evening could be more delightful participating in the Goa party carnivals. Enjoy the unique fun of rave beach party at the beach, under the moonlight is the perfect ending to vigorous water sports activities or a day of shopping.

For sure, Goa will make you discover the type of fun you are looking, pack you baggage to began you Travel to Goa India.


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