Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Goa attracts lakes of tourists every year to its beautiful locales.

Always bustling with life, the only time Goa sees a lean period is during the monsoons, rest of the year, its party time.

A vacation on beaches of Goa becomes a lifetime experience if you choose to stay in a beach resort.

Goa has today some of the world class resorts that have catapulted the status of the state many folds on the international tourist map.

magine waking up every morning watching the sea unfurl before your eyes or the tropical gardens swaying before your eyes.
The resorts in Goa are just like that, they are marked by unique architecture and infused with Goan culture.

What's more interesting is that while you holiday in the resort, the spa in the resort is there to ensure that you look every bit fresh even after an exhaustive vacation. These spas using age old Ayurveda therapies of Kerela will 'unite your body and soul'.

India is today emerging fast as a health destination and Goa has a major role in this. Goan Beach Resorts and spas have won both accolades from all over the world and prestigious awards.

In brief a beach tour in India will provide every kind of tourist one or the other thing to enjoy, from isolation and opportunity for introspection to action and fun. Take a beach trip to India to actually experience what makes the beaches in India attractive to so many tourists.

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