Saturday, December 6, 2008

Papi kondalu famous tourist place in andhra pradesh

PAPI KONDALU is the one of the famous tourist place in andhra pradesh. Journey from Bhadrachalam to Rajahmundry takes about 8 hours on the boat, there are several sights that stand unique in their attraction. Apart from papikondalu hill range, a small fishermen village of 'peranta palli' is very special. A walk through the village takes you up the hill to the beginning of a very exciting waterfalls. This place is usually very crowded in the weekends with locals taking break with their families.

Papi Kondalu Hills(Located in india,andhrapradesh) or Papi Hills is located in the Andhra Pradesh in Perantalapalli village of Khammam district. The ethereal scenic beauty of Papi Hills resembles the scenery of Indias all time favourite holiday destination of Kashmir. The dense jungles over the hill range do much to add to the mystical charm of the Hills.

The hills are fast becoming the favourite destination for nature lovers. Pilgrims and tourists enjoy going on the weekend launch ride on the river Godavari.. The voyage takes you down the river from Kunavaram and transports you into a different world where Nature rules in all her glory, untouched by Man. You will see the picture postcard prettiness of a hilly countryside patch worked with quaint little farms, a landscape dotted with tribal habitations and river banks densely forested with the timber reserves. Feel the crisp fresh air invigorate your senses and lose yourself in the magical beauty of the hills and its environs.

The areas surrounding the Papi Hills also abound with several visual treats for visitors. The pristine waterfall at the quaint village of Perantala Palli is very popular with tourists. The beautiful scenery of Papi Hills, the waterfalls at Munivaatam, and the peaceful atmosphere at this tribal area make a trip to the hills a special treat for tourists.

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