Saturday, August 9, 2008


An important and Interesting Tourist spot of Tamilnadu. This place is also a place of visit in the summer season for its chill climate. Udagamandalam-Ooty in short is called as the “Queen of Hills”. It is located at the tri junction of Tamilnadu, kerala and Karnataka. It is at 7500 feet above the sea level and finds its location in the Nilgris (also called as Blue Mountain). Nilgris is a beautiful mountain range which is a part of Western Ghats. Totally there are three places to visit namely Kothagiri, Coonoor and Ooty. Among these three Ooty is given the primal importance because of its scenic Beauty and excellent climate conditions. Nilgris is oldest than the Great Himalayas. Like Icing on a cake ooty adds Pride to this mountain Range. Ooty Botanical Garden As the name says this Garden formed by Mr.Mc.Ivor during the year 1857-1867 is a collection of flora. Words to be found to describe the beauty of this botanical Garden. Ooty Children’s Park At the eastern end of the lake we find a children’s park. Already the climate and natural green carpet, adding pride to ooty, this children’s park is also an important place. Ooty Boat House Lake Even though the name of this lake is boat House Lake, people use to call this lake as ooty lake. The British ruler called john Sullivan has constructed this beautiful lake in the years 1823-1825. Pykara This is the name of a river in this district. It is believed to be the largest in the place.
The old Tribals called Todas Believed this River as a Holy one and they were worshipping this river in days of yore. Glen Morgen This spot is located at a distance of 17 km from ooty. An important place with thick forests. More varieties of trees are seen over here. Some important species helpful to mankind are also found here.
Tiger Hill A Beautiful hill located to the east of udagamandalam. That too is at the lower bend of Dodda-Betta peak. Avalanche Located at a distance of 25 km from ooty. A place that should not be missed. A dam called Canada dam is seen here. An exotic experience of mountain trekking could be realized in this place.
Dodda Betta This is the highest point in nilgris Located at a distance of 8 km from ooty. In nilgris plateau this peak point runs north- south. A very high location, whose height is about 2636 m.

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