Sunday, August 3, 2008

Best place in kerala

Wildlife : The forests of Kerala are home to rare and magnificent wild life like the wild Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Indian Bison and Nilgiri tahr. The Silent Valley National Park is home to the endangered Lion-Tailed Macaques.Apart from this the wildlife population of Kerala includes Gaur,
PeriyarSpotted Deer, Sambar, the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel, Hanuman Langur, Sloth Bear, Flying Squirrels, jungle cat, wild boar, a variety of monkey species, Leopards, Wolves, Wild Dogs, Civet Cats etc.. Kerala's forests are also home to a variety of reptiles like King Cobras, Vipers, Pythons, Rat Snakes, Cobras, different varieties of lizards, Turtles and crocodiles etc.. Kerala is also home to a wide population of birds of various species like the great and grey hornbill, darters, cormorants, mynahs, Peacock, oriels, racket-tailed and other drongoes, bulbuls, kingfishers, woodpeckers, Ceylon frogmouth, jungle fowl, parakeets, ducks etc.. Also, Kerala is visited each year by a variety of migratory birds. Vegetation : Though the state is small in size with comparatively small area under forest cover, Kerala is the medley of a variety of vegetations and forest types. The forest types of Kerala include Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests, Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests, Tropical Dry Deciduous
RainforestForests, Mountain Sub Tropical, Rolling Grasslands, Shola Forest, Thorny Scrub Forest, high Sholas etc.. This wide range of forest types enables the growth of a rich variety of flora. The trees of the Tropical Dense Evergreen Forests are - White Pine, Kuntherekka Pine, Punnappa, Bhadraksham, Palai, Vediplavu, Maravuri, Vayana etc.. The Moist Deciduous Forest include trees such as Teak, Maruthi, Karimaruthi, Rosewood, Venteak, Vengal, Chadachi, Mazhukanjiram, Bamboo etc.. The only south Indian conifer podocarpus wallichianus grows in the region around the Periyar Reserve. Apart from the trees the states forests are also home to thousands species of flowering and non-flowering plants, orchids and medicinal plants.

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