Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About india tour

India is a country located in South Asia and is the 7th largest in the world in terms of area. India comprises of various geographical features like the Great Himalayan Range, Rann of Kutch, Thar Dessert and various rivers. On the western side, India is bordered by Arabian Sea, while on the eastern side it is surrounded by Bay of Bengal. The presence of so many natural features in & around India has allured large number of foreign tourists to this country. In recent times India has witnessed a vast boom in the tourism sector. It’s all due to presence of various attractions and the right tourism potential, which is enough to captivate different types of tourists. Whether one is adventurer lover or a wildlife explorer, India has a lot to offer. Below are some of the common tours, which are available for tourists visiting India.
# Indian Wildlife Tours-
# India has a very rich and diverse wildlife, which allures bulk of the tourists visiting India. Indian wildlife tours comprises of visits to various national parks and sanctuaries located all over India. Indian wildlife tours will bring one much closer to Mother Nature and help in enjoying its bounties. In these tours one can also see various rare and endangered species of animals like Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, Indian elephants etc. Indian Adventure tours-
# India has a lot to offer for adventure seekers. The tall mountain ranges of Himalaya secrete various adventurous activities like rafting, trekking, mountaineering, camping etc. Indian adventure tours also include various water sports like surfing, snorkeling, angling, scuba diving etc. Indian pilgrimage tours-
# India is a home to various religions and as a result has various holy religious sites and places. No matter whether one is Hindu or a Muslim, Indian pilgrimage tours are available for each and every religion Indian Cultural tours-
India is world-wide famous for its rich culture and thus is perfect place for cultural tours. Each state has its own culture and thus with 28 states in India there is a lot to know & explore for culture explorers. Indian tourism also includes various other tours like hill station tours, beach tours, archeological tours etc.

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